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Prairie Oysters

After a half-decade dealing with a chronic illness (ankylosing spondylitis) and unable to write, I did the only thing that made sense: start a gourmet oyster mushroom business out of my mom's basement. I'd never eaten oyster mushrooms before, but they looked fun. Plus the commute to the basement was manageable.

I made everything from scratch: from lab work on petri dishes to cooking rye grain in a pressure cooker to soaking an entire bale of straw in my bathtub, I figured out the entire production process of growing and selling mushrooms. And since starting Prairie Oysters in 2017, I've sold to countless chefs and restaurants across Winnipeg and did a summer stint at one of the local farmers' markets. I even got a two-page spread in the Winnipeg Free Press, the city's most-circulated newspaper.

Mushrooms or Testicles?

In 2019 Prairie Oysters had a problem: It forgot to respond to an email from ed_snowden83@live.com two years prior. Ed wanted to know if the company sold mushrooms or cow testicles, and they were so busy not selling cow testicles that they couldn’t respond.

To quash confusion, Prairie Oysters decided to overhaul its website to help Ed and others learn more about the company’s products.


I write people letters on typewriters.
Tom Hanks wrote me once. He's nice.


Pitch deck for a documentary series I worked on with Canadian-based production company Build Films for TELUS Fund. The idea was simple: a documentary series that educates the four out of five Canadians at risk for chronic disease on how to lower their risk.


Pitch deck for rebranding Oliberté (www.oliberte.ca), a proudly-African shoe manufacturer that is now a proudly-Canadian shoe manufacturer.

(It's OK... I don't understand either.)

Canadian Tire's
House of Innovation

Canadian Tire once bought a house in the Toronto suburbs and made a bunch of online content showing them fix it up with neat products. I wrote and directed the majority of the videos. It was a lot of work, but I got a crash course in commercial video production.
That's pretty awesome.

Getting hired at TAXI was a big accomplishment. To get to work at an advertising agency whose awards you fawned over in One Show award annuals is a pretty surreal experience.

The Simple Show:
It's Complicated

This was a children's gameshow I put together in 2019. I wanted a simple show to film in Winnipeg, and I figured putting a bunch of kids and Rube Goldberg machines inside a warehouse made sense.

The Cupblankery

Yes. I'm including an old radio spot in my portfolio. "Oh, but that's ten years ago. GET WITH THE TIMES, JARRETT!" Sure I will, but I think it's hilarious I beat three radio spots from Winnipeg's biggest agency to win a local advertising award they seemed to really care about. I mean, I was still in school and they were on the clock; how'd that happen?

(Photo credit: tastemade.com. They call that a 'Freakfetti' cupcake.)

Live The Sheen Dream

In 2011 I helped create a single-serving website with Charlie Sheen's floating head spitting out random, crazy quotes. The thing went viral, and in one week we'd shipped thousands of shirts around the world with Charlie Sheen's head on them.

What a weird start to the decade.

Island Lakes

I live in a pirate-themed suburb called Island Lakes.
I wrote a fake tourism tagline for it. I get bored sometimes.

Understanding Among the Chaos

A post I wrote about struggling with chronic illness.

(That's a picture of me, by the way. )

Demos for a Demographic

It's true. I recorded a four-song EP in order to graduate from college.

Do I remember how I did any of this? No. I don't.

A classmate played the last song at her wedding though so that was cool.


I like writing goofy things wherever I can. Like when I'm trying to make a couple extra bucks on Facebook Marketplace.